Gwanju International Performing Arts Festival

The task was to devise a performance in ten days based around the theme of war with performers from South Korea, North Korea, Malaysia, Iran, England, Japan and Kazakhstan…


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In October 2010 James Sutherland, who was at the time Head of the Physical Theatre course at East 15 Acting School in London, was invited to Co-direct and lead workshops at the Gwangju International Performing Arts Festival in South Korea.

Celebrating its 4th anniversary this year, 2010 Gwangju International Performing Arts Festival is a professional local performing arts festival laying the groundwork for local performing arts festivals and developing events to reflect the history and culture, environment in Gwangju through a variety of policy supports, exchanges and the development of cultural contents.

The workshop was for professional actors at home and abroad. The theme of the workshop was ‘The war knocking my window’. The aim was to make new chapters with the young actors at home and abroad beyond the barriers of language and share the distress of the times.

“It was a meaningful opportunity for professional actors in the inside and outside of the country who have tried to respond to a creative pulse and innovate in the field of collective creation to make a more advanced work and come to a mutual understanding beyond language.”


72480_481753293102_108439_n  Devising-Creation Process (3) Gwangju International Festival 2010 2. Gwangju International Festival 2010