“No generation is interested in art in quite the same way as any other; each generation, like each individual, brings to the contemplation of art its own categories of appreciation, makes its own demands upon art, and has its own uses for art.”

– T.S Eliot, The Use of Poetry and the use of Criticism.

About CITA

CITA/International Centre for Theatre Arts is an international theatre company, and a multicultural research and production agency led by Artistic Director James Sutherland. After eleven years of travel, performance, teaching and research, CITA was officially founded in Tokyo in 2012 and continues to be based there.

The acronym CITA properly refers to the organizational umbrella for research work conducted in Tokyo and overseas by James with an international group of artists. It is at once a place where different cultures and disciplines can converge and also nomadic, moving itself. A place where work can be constantly put to the test and constantly refreshed. CITA should be most usefully perceived as a loose alliance of actual and potential collaborators which we aim to become long standing.

CITA is built upon the foundation of curiosity, a basic human emotion that is universal to all human beings from infancy to adulthood. Curiosity expresses itself in many ways and is less fixed and has more flexibility than an instinct. It’s therefore a seed, a starting point for much of our work.

CITA continues to develop devising processes that change depending on the stories being told. Processes move between long intense periods of experimentation, discovery, failure, and include improvisation, choreography, writing, storyboarding and reflection. Every stage includes technical development alongside workshopping and rehearsing. The creative process can last six months to over two years and a show will continue to develop whilst on tour.

CITA works across diverse age groups, nationalities and forms. The company continues to develop strong partnerships around the world. Alongside its creative activities, CITA aims to encourage and nurture other artists in the community with regular workshops and mentoring programs. Please check our creative learning page for regular updates.

CITA is an artist-led organisation and the creation of artistic product drives all conversations from education to marketing. The creative process is incredibly rigorous and aims to ensure the high quality demanded by CITA.

CITA has taught and performed in over eight countries across five continents including England, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Japan, Iran, South Korea and Colombia.


We are completely committed to our pursuit of making excellent work. We strongly believe we have a responsibility to our audiences, to produce the most exciting, powerful, challenging work possible – A responsibility we take very seriously.


– T.S Eliot, The Use of Poetry and the use of Criticism.




私たちの活動はコンテンポラリー・シアターとアジアまたはヨーロッパ諸国の素晴らしい知識、技能に影響を受けています。CITAは2001年に最初のパフォーマンスを発表しました。そのパフォーマンスはニュージーランドの国際フリンジ・フェスティバルにてHot New Act AwardとPelorus Trust Creativity Grantを受賞しました。その他には2010年、Theatre 201と共同制作したThe Bagがソウル国際演劇祭(韓国)にて最優秀賞を、2004年ニュージーランドでDavid O`Donnellとの共同作品Albert SpeerがChapman Tripp Production of the Year Awardを受賞しました。

2014年、私たちはコロンビアはボゴタとイバゲー市にて開催されたthe Iberoamericano Festival del Teatroにて、ワークショップを開く特別な招待を受けました。私たちの作品作りやワークショップは雑誌トーキョー・ウィークエンダーとウェブサイトContemporary Performanceにて取り上げられました。私たちのメンバーはそれぞれ、英国、ニュージーランド、日本、イラン、韓国、コロンビアの各国で教えた、またはパフォーマンスを行った経験を持つ方々です。


CITAはその制作活動とともに、コミュニティーに属する他のアーティストを育成・支援するため、定期的にワークショップを行うなど、独自のプログラムを展開しています。詳しくは”creative learning”のページをご覧ください。