These new INCUBATE intensive workshops, which started in 2015, provide an opportunity into the world of CITA as the company approaches its next productions. Rather than teaching skills in isolation, we use this workshop series every year to propose creative problems and offer solutions to them.

Using CITA’s initial ideas as a starting point, the workshops focus on: How we can make links between movement, playing and creative work How we can build situations to carry a spectator into the world of our imagination Designed for actors, directors and writers who have a strong interest in creating in groups, however all levels of experience are welcome. Working as CITA does, these workshops are largely movement and practice-based.

今回はシリーズでのワークショップを行います。 CITAの世界をその方法とともに一緒に探っていこうと思います。 CITAの次回作へのアイディアを原点とし、ワークショップでは次のことに取り組みます: ・ムーブメントとプレイ’遊び’や想像活動をどう結びつけ作品作りするのか ・自身のイマジネーションをどうやって観客に届けるのか、それを可能にする状況をどう作るのか グループのなかで創作することに興味を持つすべての俳優や演出家、作家に適したワークショップデザインです。 経験の有無は問いませんが、動くことがメインになる実践的なワークショップです。

CITA’s Associate Director Tatsuya Yasumoto talks candidly about INCUBATE

"Very good time at the Consolidate workshop. Fun warm up exercises keeping the players on their toes and in the moment. Very physical and intimate pair work getting everyone up close and personal... Highly recommended for those who want to explore and discover process and learn some valuable things."
Chris Parham
Theatre Director, Tokyo


Richard III Reloaded

“Since I cannot prove a lover… I am determined to prove a villain.”

In 2015, CITA introduced a new workshop series with a focus towards teaching performance skills outside of isolation and nurturing performance techniques in interplay with themes and stories. In 2016 INCUBATE is back with an exciting exploration into one of the greatest storytellers and his villains ever to tread the boards, William Shakespeare’s Richard the Third. Our primary focus will be between the movement and the text, with ensemble work enhancing our ability to perform large scale stylized battles and connections between performers in scenes involving dialogue. The workshop will be held in English, an opportunity for non-native speakers who want to improve their ability to perform in English, and ideal for actors who want to increase their ability, or brush up on the movement skills through dramatic storytelling.

 The sessions will involve participants working on combat sequences inspired from Shakespeare’s script with our guest choreographer and fight instructor. Exercises focused on exploring and performing text through the body will also be explored.

For those who are interested, this year’s INCUBATE is an informal audition for a proposed international co-production to be performed in Europe and other venues at a later date.


Richard Reloaded/Workshop Highlights

“恋人になることができないのなら… 悪人になるまでだ"

2015年、CITAはテクニックと作ることを分けるのではなく、ストーリーやそのテーマとテクニックが相互に影響しながら劇作していく方法を学ぶための新しいワークショップシリーズの展開を開始しました。 2016年のインキュベートワークショップではウィリアムシェークスピアによる悪人リチャード三世の世界を探求していきます。ここでは主にテキストとムーブメントの間に焦点をおき、ステージコンバットのスキルや各シーンでの役者たちの関わりについて取り組みます。ワークショップは英語で行われるので、英語スキルを上げたい方や、英語での公演を目指している方にはオススメです。またアクティングスキルやムーブメントスキルの向上にも適しています。