This page gives you access to the influences of CITA and is an opportunity to go deeper into the knowledge of the rich river of sources we try to swim in daily. At your disposal : texts photographs and films.


(Unless otherwise stated, we do not own material on this page, and will do our best to reference all material accurately.)

Recommended Reading

Below is a list of books we have compiled that may assist students and teachers. We will do our best to keep this list as up to date as possible:


General Interest


Callow, Simon                                                       Being an Actor                                                     Methen, 1984

Dunmore, Simon                                                   An Actor’s Guide to Getting Work                    Methuen 1991

Fountain, Tim                                                         So You Want to be a Playwright?                   Nick Hern 2006

Littlewood, Joan                                                    Joan’s Book                                                         Methuen 1994

McGrath, John                                                        A Good Night Out                                               Nick Hern 1996

Scales, P & West, T                                               So You Want to be an Actor                             Nick Hern 2007

Sher, Antony                                                           Beside Myself                                                       Hutchinson 2001

Sierz, Aleks                                                             In-Yer-Face-Theatre                                          Faber, 2001

Walter, Harriet                                                        Other People’s Shoes                                         Nick Hern 1999

General Reference


Brown, John Russell                                             Oxford Illustrated History of Theatre                OUP 2001

Bett, Henry                                                              English Myths and Legends                              Dorset 1991

Bowker, John (ed.)                                                Oxford Dictionary of World Religions              OUP 1997

Drabble, Margaret (ed.)                                        Oxford Companion to Literature                       OUP 1987

Drain, Richard (ed.)                                               Twentieth Century Theatre: Sourcebook        Routledge 1995

Fernandez-Arnesto, Felipe                                  Ideas that Changed the World                          Dorling-Kindersley 2004

Goorney, Howard                                                  The Theatre Workshop Story                            Methuen 1981

Huxley, M & Witts, N (ed.)                                    The Twentieth-Centure Performance Reader Routledge 1997

Palmer, Alan                                                          Dictionary of Twentieth-Century History         Penguin 1990

Shapiro & Hendricks                                             Dictionary of Mythologies                                  Granada 1981

Trevelyan, G.M.                                                      A Shortened History of England                       Penguin 1987

Urson & Ree                                                           Concise Encyclopaedia of Western Philsophy Unwin 1991



Tufnell, Miranda.                                                  Body, Space, Image                                            Virago Press,  1990

Cohen, Bonnie Bambridge.                               Sensing, Feeling and Action                  Contact Editions 1994

Brook, Peter.                                                          The Empty Space                                                Penguin Books, 1977

Chekhov, Michael.                                               On the Technique of Acting                  HarperPerennial. 1991

Hackney, Peggy.                                                  Making Connections                                           Routledge, 2002

Bogart, Anne & Landau, Tina.                          The Viewpoints Book                                          TCG 2006

Preston-Dunlop, Valerie.                                    Making Dances                                                    Dance Books, 2002

Spier, Steven                                                          William Forsythe                                                  Routledge 2010

Vanda Sacravelli.                                                  Awakening of the Spine                                     Harper Collins,  1991

Newlove, Jean                                                       Laban for Actors and Dancers                         Nick Hern 1993

Moshe Feldenkris                                                  Awareness Through Movement                     Harper Collins, 1990

Deane Juhan                                                         Job’s Body: A Handbook for Bodywork       Station Hill Press 2003


Movement and Physical Skills


Allain, Paul                                                             The Art of Stillness: Suzuki                               Methuen 2002

Bratton, Jacky                                                         The Victorian Clown                                           CUP 2006

Climenhaga Royd                                                 Pina Bausch                                                        Routledge 2008

Evans, Mark                                                           Jaques Copeau                                                   Routledge 2008

Fife, Bruce                                                              Creative Clowning                                              Piccadilly 2003

Johnstone, Keith                                                    Impro for Storytellers                                          Faber, 1999

Lecoq Jaques                                                        Theatre of Movement                                                Routledge 2008

Lepage, Robert                                                      Connecting Flights                                             Methuen 2000

Mcevenue, Kelly                                                    The Alexander Technique for Actors              Methuen 2000

Murray Simon & Keefe, John                              Physical Theatres: A Critical Introduction       Routledge 2007

Wilsher Toby                                                         The Mask Handbook                                          Routledge 2008

Wright, John                                                           Why is that so Funny?                                        Nick Hern 2007

Aposhyan, Susan.                                                Natural Intelligence                        Williams & Wilkins, 1999.

Callery, Dymphna.                                               Through the Body                                               Nick Hern 2005

Carter, Alexandra                                                 The Routledge Dance Studies Reader           Routledge 2010

Chamberlain, Franc.                                            Michael Chekhov                                               Routledge, 2003

Bartenieff, Irmgard                                               Body Movement: Coping with the Environment Gordon & Breach, 1980

Barton, Robert                                                        Style for Actors                                                     Routledge 2009

Dennis, Anne                                                         The Articulate Body                                             Nick Hern 2002

Grotowski, Jerzy.                                                  Towards a Poor Theatre                             Simon & Shuster, 1968

Hodgson                                                                 Mastering Movement                                          Methuen 2001

Hutchinson Guest, Anne                                                Labanotion                                                          Theatre Arts Books 2002

King, Nancy.                                                           Theatre Movement                                             Drama Book Spec. 1971

Laban, Rudolf.                                                      The Mastery of Movement                                 Macdonald & Evans, 1960

Lecoq, Jacques                                                     The Moving Body                                                Methuen 2000

McCaw, Dick                                                          Laban Sourcebook                                            Routledge 2010

Murray, Simon.                                                     Jacques Lecoq                                                    Routledge, 2003

North, Marion.                                                       Personality Assessment Through Movement Northcote House, 2001.

Olsen,  Andrea.                                                    Bodystories: A Guide to Experiential Anatomy University Press, 2004.

Parker, Steve.                                                        The Human Body: An Illustrated Guide          Dorling Kindersley,  1995.

Potter, Nicole, Edited by:                                      Movement for Actors                                           Allworth Press, 2002

Pisk, Litz                                                                  The Actor and His Body                                    Methuen 1975

Pitches, Jonathan.                                                Vsevolod Meyerhold                                           Routledge, 2003

Preston-Dunlop, V. & Sanchez-Colberg, A.     Dance and the Performative                             Dance Books. 2002

Richards, Thomas.                                                At work with Grotowski on Physical Actions   Taylor & Francis 1995

Sloviak, James.Cuesta, Jairo.                       Jerzy Grotowski                                                   Routledge, 2007

Acting and Dramatic Theory


Alfreds, Mike                                                          Different Every Night                                          Nick Hern 2007

Artaud, Antonin                                                      The Theatre and its Double                               Grove 2000

Barba, Eugenio                                                      Theatre: Solitude, Craft, Revolt                         European Contemp. 2003

Bartow Arthur                                                        Acting Techniques                                                    Nick Hern 2008

Boal, Augusto                                                         Games for Actors and Non-Actors                    Routledge 1997

Braun, Edward                                                       Meyhold: A Revolution in Theatre                   Methuen 1986

Brook, Peter                                                            The Empty Space                                                Penguin 1968

Brook, Peter                                                            The Open Circle                                                  Faber & Faber 2003

Chekhov, Michael                                                 On the Technique of Acting                               Perennial 1991

Donnellan, Declan                                                The Actor and the Target                                  Nick Hern 2005

Dixon, Luke                                                            Play Acting                                                           Methuen 2004

Elsam, Paul                                                            Acting Characters                                               Methuen 2007

Gillett, John                                                                        Acting on impulse                                                         Methuen 2008

Hodge, Alison                                                        Twentieth Century Actor Training                     Routledge 2000

Johnston, Chris                                                      The Improvisation Game                                   Nick Hern 2006

Marshall, Lorna and Oida, Yoshi                        An Actor’s Tricks                                                 Methuen 2007

Merlin, Bella                                                           The Complete Stanislavski Toolkit                  Nick Hern 2006

Mitter, Shomit                                                         Systems of Rehearsal                                        Routledge 1992

Silverberg, Larry                                                    The Sanford Meisner Approach                       Smith and Kraus 1994

Stanislavski, Constantine                                    An Actor Prepares                                              Methuen 1980

Stanislavski, Constantine                                    Building a Character                                          Methuen 1979

Thomson, P & Sacks, G (ed.)                              Cambridge Companion to Brecht                    CUP 2006


Stage Fighting


Hobbs, William                                                      Techniques of the Stage Fight                          Studio Vista 1967

Morton, E.D                                                             Martini – A-Z of Fencing                                         Macdonald Queen Anne 1988





Berry, Cicely                                                           The Actor and the Text                                       Virgin 1992

Carey, David & Clark Carey, Rebecca              The Vocal Arts Workbook and DVD                Methuen 2008

Houseman, Barbara                                             Finding Your Voice                                             Nick Hern 2002

Lessac, Arthur                                                        The Use and Training of the Human Voice    Mayfield 1997

Linklater, Kristin                                                     Freeing the Natural Voice                                 Drama Book 1976

Linklater, Kristin                                                     Freeing Shakespeare’s Voice                       Nick Hern 2010

Mc Callion, Michael                                             The Voice Book                                                Faber & Faber 1998



Adrian, Barbara                                                     Actor Training the Laban Way                          Allworth Press 2008

Berry, Cicely                                                           From Word to Play                                              Oberon 2002

Berry, Cicely                                                           The Text in Action                                                Virgin 2001

Boston, Jane & Cook, Rena                                Breath in Action                                             Jessica Kingsley 2009

Campo, Guiliano & Molik Zygmunt                    Zygmunt Molik’s Voice and Body Work           Routledge 2010

Chun-Tao Cheng, Stephen                             Tao of Voice: A New East-West Approach to                Inner Tradition Bear

                                                                                  Transforming the Singing & Speaking Voice1991

Farhi, Donna                                                          The Breathing Book                                            Holt Paperback 1996

Gillett, John                                                             Acting on Impulse                                                Methuen 2007

Hackney, Peggy                                                    Making Connections: Total Body IntegrationRoutledge 2002

                                                                                  Through Bartenieff Fundamentals

Houseman, Barbara                                            Tackling Text and Subtext                                Nick Hern 2008

Kaiser, Scott                                                           Mastering Shakespeare                                    Allworth Press 2003

Kaminoff, Leslie                                                    Yoga Anatomy                                                     Human Kinetics 2007

Linklater, Kristin                                                    Freeing Shakespeare’s Voice                           TCG 1992

Melton, Joan & Tom, Kenneth                            One Voice                                                             Heinemann 2003

Rodenburg, Patsy                                                  The Actor Speaks                                                Methuen 1997

Rodenburg Patsy                                                   The Need for Words                                           Methuen 2005

Rodenburg Patsy                                                  The Right to Speak                                             Methuen 2005

Rowles Haydn Jan & Sharpe, Edda                 How to Do Accents                                              Oberon 2007

Walsh, Valerie & Walsh, Marcia                         The Tao of Voice, The way of the Breath        Perfect Paperback 2007

Production and Backstage


Boucher, Françoise                                               A History of Costume in the West                     Thames & Hudson 1996

Goodman, J (ed.)                                                  British Theatre Design                                        Weidenfeld & Nicholson, 1989

Pallin, Gail                                                              Stage Management Handbook                       Nick Hern 2003

Pilbrow, Richard                                                    Stage Lighting Design                                        Nick Hern 2007

Swinfield, Rosemary                                            Stage Make-Up – Step by Step                        A & C Black 1996