“The world its shows is truth and there is no doubt that many messages essential to our lives are hidden in it. It`s just…reality is a weapon."


CITA return with a vivid investigation based on a true story, into the pseudoscientific and the nature of truth and reality. Fusing movement and theatrical storytelling, CITA are proud to announce the world premiere of their newest devised theatre production EMOTO. CITA`s debut production in Hong Kong will be a new devised collaboration based on the life and research of Masaru Emoto .
But a CITA world is never as it first appears. Expect ingenious projection design, visceral movement in concert with our creative partners in Hong Kong, vibrant original sound design including works by Tadashi Westwood, intricate choreography and moments of stunning tenderness and beauty that shine out from shadows so brightly, they leave you reeling.

Directed by: James Sutherland

Assistant director: Hiroco Kariya

Sound Composition: Tadashi Westwood

Movement Advisor: Tania Coke

Puppet/Mask Designer: King Ho Wong

Cast: Tatsuya Yasumoto, Kana Kobayashi, Rensen Chan, Jo Ngai, King Ho Wong.