CITA is in the early process of creating resource packs and notes for teachers based upon teaching workshops and productions.


Meyerhold’s Biomechanics: Throwing the stone etude.

【メイエルホリド エチュード】

Our attempt at trying to recreate an important part of the rediscovery of the theatre in the 20th century.

Meyerhold’s Biomechanics: Stab with the dagger Etude.

Our second attempt at representing (making present again) part of the rediscovery of the theatre in the 20th century. This étude is borrowed directly from the Sicilian actor Giovanni Grasso, and reflects Meyerhold’s search for a theatre theatrical with clear influence from the Italian Commedia dell Arte.

The use of sticks in Actor/Dance training

スティックはエウジェニオバルバ`sのオーディンTeatret、フセヴォロドメイエルホリド、イェジーグロトフスキーとパリで演劇研究のためのピーター•ブルックの` sの国際センターシアターによる伝統と現代の両方で様々な文化にパフォーマーを訓練するために使用されている。


Sticks have been used to train performers in various cultures in both traditional and contemporary theatre- by Eugenio Barba`s Odin Teatret, Vsevolod Meyerhold, Jerzy Grotowski and Peter Brook`s International Centre For Theatre Research in Paris. Great for Teachers, Directors, Actors and Dancers, this is an exploration of varieties of stick work that can be used as warm ups, training and rehearsals alone or in groups.

Making Choices

This video looks at exercises that examine the importance of taking the audience on your decision making journey.