“Creative activity could be described as a type of learning process where teacher and pupil are located in the same individual.”


-Arthur Koestler

Each year CITA offers an opportunity to participate in the years workshops free of charge. This amounts to approximately 100,000 yen of free tuition. Please see the part time courses page for a list of next years workshops and if you are interested please complete the form and email us at

毎年CITAは、その年に行う全ワークショップの参加費(十万円程度)の免除枠を用意しています。年ごとのワークショップについて詳しくはthe part time courses pageをご覧ください。奨学金受給希望の方は以下のフォームを記入の上、citainternational@gmail.comまで必要書類を添付してお申し込みください。皆様からのたくさんのご応募をお待ちしています。

CITA Scholarship Application Form