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CITA needs you.

 It is our vision to create and share the highest quality artistic work possible including the processes and techniques that help to realize it. We have a commitment to making work through long periods of research and development. How do we work? It takes time and care, it can be extremely difficult, our ambition is unlimited, but our funding is not, and it can only be done with your support.

Whether you are an individual or a company, we would love to hear from you.

Due to the circumstances within where we are based we are currently self-funded, therefore we need generous donations from people like you to enable us to reach whole new audiences and develop and share our artistic practice. We need your help to continue to make ambitious, inspiring work for audiences in our home city of Tokyo, across Asia and internationally.

Please help develop our work within the community, running workshops, mentoring young artists and creating fully realized CITA projects with people both native to Japan and those willing to travel from abroad to work with us.

There are three great ways in which you can support CITA:

Donate as an individual

Sponsor us as a business

Spread the word

If you are not able to make a cash donation at this time, you can support us for free by telling your friends about CITA, coming to see our shows or following us on Twitter or Facebook

If you would like to help us please send us a message here or email us at

Thank you for your consideration and for your continued support, we hope to see you at a CITA show soon.













Current Sponsors

A huge thank you to photography baroness Life by Tara for her unprompted sponsorship of our home page. Tara is a web developer master scuba diver and has answered our call by helping to set up and develop our domain and webpage while covering the annunal cost for the domain as well. We hugely values this support from her as it allows us to reach a greater audience.

Support like this from her and others is hugely, hugely appreciated, and helps us to continue to take bolder steps knowing we are surrounded community who value what it is that we are trying to do.

 As someone who is helping to support us you will see Tara`s watermark be appearing next to ours on all our official poster releases.