“I had the opportunity to work very closely with James on a recent production of Romeo and Juliet in Tokyo. As a choreographer, James has the ability to make someone who is not well versed in this area of performing look very believable…As I looked at him demonstrating the fight at a real speed I was incredibly impressed. It really looked amazing. He was able to show the clarity and beauty of each of the movements. James was very patient and supportive of us all and taught us techniques to keep all the actors safe.”

Philippe Aymard 2001-2010: Cirque du Soleil, Founder of Cirque Blue, Tokyo. 16/11/2013

“A wonderful experience that rivals the most electrifying physical performance training in Europe. This is a fully rounded theatrical training for actors, dancers and all performers. James Sutherland ‘s extensive background in a wide variety of artistic skills provides an unequalled training centre here in Tokyo. The workshops are fun and informative. Don’t waste time anywhere else."

Tordy Clark Actor/Director.

“James was at all times very supportive of my work and the students, whilst being a leader that knew what the outcomes of my teaching should be, he allowed me freedom work creatively to achieve best results. He was highly inspirational to the students who greatly admired him. I also found him very committed to the craft and always ready to learn new things and to share with his peers. I have always admired the quality of the performers graduating from East15 Physical Theatre and that is without the shadow of a doubt thanks to James’ dedication, planning and programming.”

Montserrat Gili. Freelance Theatre Director, Educator and Performer.

“It was an amazing workshop well planned and structured, which allowed me to explore physicality in various ways. There were many useful exercises to extend my directing approach (way) as well. In particular, I loved exploring contact improvisation and getting a sense of neutral mask. Moreover, it was brilliant to explore how the physicality (movement) can be used into a text, which gave me a sense of how to lead actors to find out their appropriate acting not only physically but emotionally. It was also great for me as an Asian director to learn how actors have to get on their feet on the stage based on Asian traditional theatres from No and Beijing opera. I feel completely expanded in my directing method.”

Myung-il Lee (theatre director from South Korea)

“I was very impressed by the quality of instruction at the “clowning" workshop. The day was incredibly full of fun and effective exercises from beginning to end. Such a blast!"

Ilana Actress/Singer Workshop Participant

“James instilled in them (students) a fearless attitude to creating their own work and a professionalism any acting school would be envious of. James has a passion for his work and more importantly, the work of his students. He is an accomplished teacher and motivator and I can wholeheartedly recommend him to you.”

Mark Bell: Director at East 15 Acting School.

“I enjoy James Sutherland’s way of teaching. He takes time to bond with each student, looking into their eyes when he’s explaining something of particular value to them, displaying with gestures what he means, and demonstrating effective versus ineffective approaches. His experience turns into confidence, not pride, making him a more admirable instructor than most. If you appear before groups of people in any capacity, I believe your time in one of James’s workshops would be well spent. You will learn to better connect with your audience."

Jason Kelly Talk in Tokyo host

“I’ve attended several of CITA’s workshops and have found them to be extremely valuable experiences. The teachers are highly qualified and dedicated to the work. I recommend their workshops to anyone interested in expanding the scope of their creative work, whatever their field."

Chris Wells Co-owner of In the Moment Ltd