Creative Learning

Creative Learning: Hong Kong

Creative Learning: Gwanju, Korea.

Creative Learning: Bogota, Colombia.

Creative Learning: Tokyo, Japan.

Creative Learning: Auckland, New Zealand.

Creative Learning: Tehran, Iran.

CITA aims to continue to provide a program of professional workshops and educational initiatives.

It seeks to inspire the theatre and performing arts of tomorrow and welcomes those inspired to create new work as actors directors and writers. Through creative challenges and provocations we nurture and encourage artists to refine their creative vision, a voice that may be heard by many, and spoken through ways that people may be able to identify with.

Our workshops offer participants a place to be bad,  why? We don’t learn anything  if we are good everything. Our workshops are a place where discoveries can made by the participant and the participant is changed by this, it is not a place where techniques have to be remembered for examinations and the participant is judged by the teacher.

We all begin in the same place and head off to reach our destination, our journey to get there is often very different, very unique and very personal.

CITA’s teaching is constantly evolving, it’s work is based on the observation of everyday life and the dynamic of the natural world as it is reflected in the body. By recalling the great physical theatre traditions of the past – from the tragic to the comedic, we attempts to offer an indispensable dimension of experiential play. CITA considers the artist an author in search of his or her own style. By employing an improvisational approach, the artist is opened up to the theatrical event in situation, movement, and dialogue, provoking the invention of an original theatrical language.

Aside from out regular workshops in Tokyo, Japan, we have taught, and given workshops, choreography and seminars for places such as:

  • KPASS Kanto Plains Association of Secondary Schools, Japan.
  • Nonsensemakers Theatre Company, Hong Kong.
  • Meiji Gakuin University, Tokyo Japan.
  • Iberoamericano Festival de Teatro Bogota, Colombia.
  • 14th Iran International Festival of University Theatre
  • Gwanju International Performing Arts Festival, Korea
  • Theatre.Training.Fac­tory, Tokyo, Japan
  • Obirin Univerity, Tokyo, Japan
  • Kokugakiun University, Tokyo, Japan
  • Temple University, Tokyo, Japan
  • Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre, Tokyo, Japan
  • Cho-In Theatre Company, Seoul Korea
  • Theatre 201, Seoul, Korea
  • East 15 Acting School, England
  • Kings College University, London, England
  • Kyoritsu Women’s University, Tokyo, Japan
  • Seikei University, Tokyo Japan
  • Toi Whakaari: The New Zealand Drama School
  • Theatre and Film Department VUW, New Zealand
  • Wellington Performing Arts Centre
  • Wellington Fringe Festival, New Zealand
  • Wellington College of Education