The two pillars



Conceived and devised by CITA/International Centre for Theatre Arts and inspired by the collaboration during the 1950`s between Hideo Itokawa and his colleagues to pioneer rocket development in Japan. The play has two strands of narratives. Part documentary, part fiction, part dream, set against the back drop of the cold war, the catalyst for the space race, it interweaves the relationship of the eccentric Itokawa and his team with the story of Robert J Fischer, Americas youngest chess master and Miyoko Watai.

The Nose

“I am just myself-myself separately.” An adaptation of the short story by Nikolai Gogol, performed at The Keochang International Festival of Theatre, Korea, in 2015. One morning, a barber finds a nose in his bread during breakfast. He tries desperately to get rid of it by throwing it in a river. The same day, the Major awakens to find his nose is missing. On the street he is shocked to see his nose is already pretending to be a human! A warped, dark pantomime inside a moving landscape of streets, rooms, bridges, elevators and doors.

Romeo and Juliet

Performed in Tokyo 2013, CITA created a condensed adaptation of William Shakespeare's popular tragedy in Japanese and French with a contemporary twist.

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Iberoamericano Festival Teatro

    “It is not true that people stop pursuing dreams because they grow old, they grow old because they stop pursuing dreams.” -Gabriel Garcia Marquez By special invitation, we were invited as a Maestro to teach Clown and Neutral Mask workshops in Ibague, Tolima City and Bogota in Colombia for…

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33rd Fadjr International Festival of Theatre

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Gwanju International Performing Arts Festival

The task was to devise a performance in ten days based around the theme of war with performers from South Korea, North Korea, Malaysia, Iran, England, Japan and Kazakhstan…     In October 2010 James Sutherland, who was at the time Head of the Physical Theatre course at East 15…

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CITA: Until Now

“…at times it seemed to me that whenever the propeller with its iron will, tore away part of that living being which is the air around it, it gave birth to a new musical sound…"
-Hideo Itokawa


“Improvisation and adaptation are CITA’s specialities"
-Tokyo Weekender

CITA`s The Nose: (KIFT/Keochang International Festival of Theatre 2015)

重力/Earthbound: (Tokyo 2017) 

“…Work is a process of perpetual evolution, experimentation consolidation and explosion, in constant repetition …"
-James Sutherland

Creative Learning: (Hong Kong 2016)