The Nose

“I am just myself-myself separately.”

CITA`s The Nose, an adaptation of the short story by Nikolai Gogol, and performed at The Keochang International Festival of Theatre in 2015, contains elements of pantomime, puppetry, magic, object manipulation.

One morning, a barber finds a nose in his bread during breakfast. With horror he recognises this nose is that of one of his regular customers. He tries desperately to get rid of it by throwing it in a river. The same day, the Major awakens to find his nose is missing. On the street he is shocked to see his nose is already pretending to be a human! A warped, dark pantomime inside a moving landscape of streets, rooms, bridges, elevators and doors for the spectators imaginations to journey through. From the team who brought you Romeo and Juliet.


The Nose

(KIFT/Keochang International Festival of Theatre 2015)

Production Notes

We have taken great influence from Dimitri Shostakovich`s Opera The Nose, based on the same story we began with. He talked about having two very important elements in his music that reflected where the story is set, St Petersburg. One was the element of water as the river Neva flows through the city and the other was the silence of the city itself, we have tried to find ways to translate these elements to the stage.

Our cinematic influence come not only from the silent comedies of the early twentieth century but also from Sergei Eisenstein and the Montage film movement, combined here with the influence of  contemporary theatre from Continental Europe.